Township History

The original people that inhabited the area were the Absegami Indians, part of the Lenni Lenape tribe.

1695- First recorded settlers in the area

1740 -Captain George May, an agent for the London Company, sailed up the Great Egg Harbor River and found an area that was perfect for shipbuilding

1756- Captain May bought land near Babcock Creek and established a trading post and a shipyard

1756- John Hamilton purchased land near May’s property

1778 – Center of town was recognized as being named “Mays Landing” for the first time

1783 – Revolutionary War veteran, Colonel Richard Westcoat moves to Mays Landing in June and opens a tavern and store near present original County courthouse

1791 – Colonel Westcoat died in Mays Landing at age of 91, he is buried in Presbyterian Cemetery near his tavern and store

1810 – Weymouth Iron Works produced iron until 1865 when a fire burned down the furnace, The works produced cannon and cannonballs used in the War of 1812

1813 – The Township of Hamilton, New Jersey was founded

1830- George Wheaton’s shipyard was building ships near the site of the park near the Atlantic County Library, Wheaton’s shipyard continued to build here until 1874

1837 – Mays Landing became the Atlantic County seat