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Milano Winery Big Ass Red. Other Red Blends from California. ML / 0 % ABV While the state’s incredibly diverse terrain and microclimates allow for countless red wine styles, the one factor unifying all California red wine is the abundance of sunshine and a long, consistent growing season, which leads to well-developed and fully. Jan 26,  · Big Ass Cab, Napa. It's Wine Blogging Wednesday again, and this month's theme is Wacky Wine Names, hosted and invented by Chez Pim. I toyed with many options for a potential entry to this event, but ultimately, I was strolling through a deli up in Sonoma county when this wine's label caught my eye like one of those pointy hook latches that used to dangle from screen doors and would . Think BIG, sip SMOOTH with Big Smooth Wines. We offer Old Vine Zinfandel and Cabernet Suavignon varietals. Big Smooth wines deliver a bold and silky taste that you can feel! Packed with fruit flavors and smooth textures, touch and sip to discover more.

Red wine big ass cab
Red wine big ass cab

Some will have subtler fruit and maybe more earth, some might show a lot of warming spice, and some might be juicy, inky-purple wine-black-holes from which there is no—thank god—escape. But feel free to crack some open this low-light season and be rewarded with florals, fruits, and leather on the nose, plunging into dark berry and coffee notes, leaned out by spice and big tits striptease gif drying tannin. Here you get a deep red wine brimming with earth, dark cherry and red fruits, chewy tannins, and red wine big ass cab spice. Sounding wintry yet? No candy prize inside; instead, a richly complex South African blend that relies on deep roots and a very particular microclimate. Built mostly on Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Red wine big ass cab Noir, the wine is lush with dark fruits and yes, some dark chocolate on the palate, balanced by minerality and light oak, all wound through with an alluring acidity.

Red wine big ass cab
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Red wine big ass cab
Red wine big ass cab
Red wine big ass cab
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